7. What to start: recommended ART for patients with active TB

For adults and adolescents (from 10 years of age) with TB co-infection: TDF + 3TC (or FTC) + EFV is the preferred first line regimen, as for all for adults and adolescents.

For children with TB co-infection:
ABC + 3TC + AZT for children younger than 3 years (but once TB therapy is finished, the AZT should be replaced again with LPV/r or NVP)
ABC + 3TC + EFV for children of 3 years up to 10 years of age

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Are these ART regimens different from those of HIV patients without concurrent TB infection? What is different? Why would that be?

If you don't know the answer, feel free to consult the modules ARV Introduction and Drug interactions.

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1. The rate of virological failure is higher in all patients who are treated with nevirapine and rifampicin combined than when patients are treated with nevirapine without rifampicin. 






2. The strategy of avoiding the lead-in dose of nevirapine should be considered in patients who are on TB treatment at the start of ART.






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We would be interested in knowing what is the current practice in your program when you have to co-treat adult patients with TB and first line ART?

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