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This lecture is divided into the following sections:

1. Introduction to TB/HIV co-infection

2. Epidemiology

3. Clinical presentation

4. Diagnosis

5. When to start ART in patients with active TB


7. What to start: recommended ART regimen for patients with active TB

8. Tuberculosis in patients already receiving ART

9. The three I’s

10. MDR-TB

11. TB in children

12. Key messages, references and additional reading


Lut Lynen and Maria Zolfo

Revised by:
Anita Mesic, Arnauld Fiogbe, January 2014
Natalie Lorent, Anita Mesic, January 2013
Natalie Lorent, December 2011
Lut Lynen, January 2011
Lut Lynen, Natalie Lorent, Moses Bateganya and Sara Van Rompaey, January 2010