2.6. Retrieve full-text articles

PubMed does not include copies of journal articles.
However, PubMed does offer links to the full text of journal articles when links are available from the Publishers. Access to some articles will be for free.
Access to others will require payment, unless your Institution is affiliated to specific groups, such as HINARI.

You can access full text articles in PubMed through:

  1. PubMed Central®, the NLM free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature

  2. Publishers who offer either free or pay-per-view access to articles on their websites

  3. Institutional libraries with which you are affiliated (like ITM library)


  5. NLM Loansome Doc® or other document delivery service*

*International users of NLM Loansome Doc must identify an "Ordering Library" before filling out the registration page.
To find an Ordering Library, contact a medical library in your country, or the one nearest your area. The library must be on NLM's DOCLINE system.