Learning Objectives

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Learning objectives

By the end of this module, a student should know how to:

Unit 1 -

Formulate a PICO question

  1. Use the PICO framework to build a research question
  2. Select the best study design to answer a research question
Unit 2 -

Perform a literature search using PubMed

  1. What is PubMed?
  2. Access PubMed Home page
  3. Search in PubMed
    1. By author
    2. By topics
    3. By journal name
    4. Single Citation Matcher
  4. Build a search strategy
    1. Look for Mesh Keywords
    2. Focus a search (limits, details, search builder)
    3. Boolean operators
  5. Select articles and save results
    1. Sort, save, email, collect, My NCBI
  6. Retrieve full-text articles
    1. HINARI
    2. Open source databases
    3. Contact the author
Unit 3 -

Find sources of pre-appraised evidence

  1. "Raw" and "cooked" evidence resources: the 6s model
  2. Federated search with TRIP database
  3. Textbooks
  4. Databases
Unit 4 -

Be kept constantly updated

  1. Be found by the latest news
  2. Table of content, journal alerts
  3. e-mail bulletins
Unit 5 -

Grade the evidence

  1. The GRADE system
  2. Assessing quality
  3. Relevant outcomes
  4. Grading recommendations
Additional reading
 Principles of evidence based medicine