4.3 e-mail bulletins

Amedeo is a medical literature guide delivered with weekly e-mails which include bibliographic lists about new PubMed publications, access to a personal Web page for one-time download of available abstracts, and an overview of the medical literature published in relevant journals over the past 12 to 24 months. Behind this project is Bernd Sebastian Kamps who takes care of other very useful initiatives for physicians working in developing countries, such as Free Medical Journals and FreeBooks4Doctors.


The website NAM offers a range of digested resources to keep healthcare workers up-to-date and in the loop with the latest research in HIV.
In particular the newsletter HIV & AIDS Treatment in Practice (HATiP) sent by -mail twice a month provides the most valuable recent medical information, with a focus on the practical aspects of delivering HIV/AIDS treatment and care in resource-limited settings. A blog discussing some of the implications of lately research, guidelines and news on HIV in resource-constrained settings has been recently inaugurated.


FHI 360 AED-SATELLIFE, formally known as SATELLIFE, offers access to free medical literature through a series of weekly and monthly e-mail newsletters containing abstracts and full text articles from peer-reviewed medical journals. HealthNet News-AIDS features up-to-date clinical and public health research findings on HIV prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for health practitioners in low- and middle- income countries. An e-mail based discussion groups supports the exchange of information and knowledge on some specific topics, such as essential drugs, pediatric HIV/AIDS care, nutrition and HIV.