4.2 Table of Content alerts

Summary or survey journals (such as “Evidence-based medicine” and "American College of Physicians" journals) can facilitate our life, if our field of interest is not well represented in these journals you can look at a combination of the largest "general" journals (NEJM, Lancet, JAMA) and some field specific journals (such as AIDS, JAIDS).

e-Mail alerts with weekly Table of Content can help with that.?However some educational non-profit organizations have chosen to reach larger groups of health care workers located in low resource settings through e-mail bulletins.

Most journals publish a "feed" that contains the Table of Content for the most recent issue of the journal. Table of Content alerts provide a convenient way to stay informed about current developments in an academic field, directly on your e-mail account.

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Have a look per example at the Table of Content of:

• The Lancet

…or of some  
field specific journals, such as:
  • AIDS