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This training module is prepared for facilitation of trainings for health professionals in Ethiopia who are engaged in leishmaniasis case management and disease control. The training material can be used for in-service and off-service trainings.

Learning objectives

- To equip health professional engaged in leishmaniasis case management, and disease control with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Core competencies
By the end of the trainings trainees will be able to:

  • Describe the epidemiology of leishmaniasis in Ethiopia and its impact
  • Identify the different diagnostics, their performance and limitations and interpret the results
  • Distinguish leishmaniasis from other similarly manifesting diseases
  • Provide appropriate management for leishmaniasis patients and monitor their treatment
  • Timely diagnose complications, adverse drug events and provide the necessary treatment
  • Provide health education for patients and their attendants for prevention of disease
  • Be familiar with the national case reporting format, document and report appropriately